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The Adventurers kit provides the basics required for mundane survival: Clothing, Food, Shelter, Light, Fire, and basic tools and amenities. With this kit, the GM will overlook a lot of mundane headaches. Without this kit or equivalent spells, expect to make a lot more significant Survival checks.

SM 0

Poor Weather Clothes. ($130, 5 lbs)

Includes Ankle Boots (see Armor table), and a hooded cloak, or an oilskin overcoat, or a poncho and wide hat; some combination suitable for keeping the cold, wind, and rain more-or-less off. -2 to Survival checks without this in all but the most hospitable climates.

Clothes. ($60, 2 lbs)

Nondescript street clothes, style is your choice. Lightweight, suitable for indoor living or a comfortable 70-80°F climate with good weather. Includes light footwear such as sandals or thin shoes.

Backpack, Small ($60, 3 lbs)

Blanket (aka a Bedroll) ($20, 4 lbs)
Oil flask (1 pt) ($2, 1 lb)
One spare change of clothes. ($60, 2 lbs)
Tent, 1-Man ($50, 5 lbs)
Traveler's Rations: 5 days ($30, 7.5 lbs) - not nutritionally complete, but close enough for short-term use.
Wineskin ($10, 8.25 lbs filled with water)

Pouch ($10)

Personal Basics ($5, 1 lb) -5 to Survival checks without this. Includes flint-and-steel, a bit of string or twine or leather thongs, etc.
Small Knife (Cheap) ($12, 0.5 lb)

Lantern ($20, 2 lbs)

Total: $469, 41.25 lbs (including water).

(If traveling with a character with Create Water (and depending on same), the Wineskin can be carried empty, saving 8 lbs for a total weight of 33.25 lbs.)

(If traveling with a character with Continual Light (and depending on same), the lantern and oil could be sacrificed, saving 3 lbs for a total weight of 38.25 lbs. But No Mana areas will be a problem, and fire is always helpful...)

(If traveling with a character with Continual Light and Create Water, total weight savings is 11 lbs for a final weight of 30.25 lbs.

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