GURPSifying a D&D warlock

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GURPSifying a D&D warlock

Alternate title: It's a creepy gnome!

Breeny is my Epic-Tier D&D gnome warlock, and is rapidly accumulating a character description and theme that don't entirely mesh with D&D warlocks. She's just begging to be rebuilt in GURPS, outside of the level/class/power system restrictions.

Character Concept

Creepy little feywild creature with a very loose grasp on trivial little things like "space", "the dimensions", linear movement, etc. Busy siphoning off power from powerful extradimensional forces so she can dissect it, analyze it, and eventually build her own pocket reality (withOUT all the superfluous bits of physics cluttering up the place, thank-you-very-much).

A firm advocate that the shortest distance between points A and B is in fact folding space and time until the points are congruent. Walking in straight lines is for meatbags.

As a side effect, she's learned how to occlude herself from subjective reality, how to siphon life force from lesser creatures to power dimension warping effects, and various nasty tricks based on briefly accessing darker or more exotic realities.


A small fey creature with large, rodent-like eyes and a tuft of wild orange hair jutting off her head. She travels wrapped in lots of dark velvet and equipped with a surplus of daggers. Breeny is permanently concealed in a blot of dim distortion, as if the light has to take the long way around to reach her, and arrives confused.


Breeny's primary power is folding, spindling, and mutilating spatial relationships for fun and profit. This is manifested through Teleportation powers (from Psionic Powers, with Magical instead of Psionic as the source) but she has also begun honing her ability to distort distances rather than just cheating them cleverly, through the use of Control: Correspondence. Her skills in this area are mostly stolen from her seelie "patron".

She has her races natural aptitude for glamoury (non-communication Telepathy powers, Invisibility) and exploits it ruthelessly, but hasn't honed it to the same sophisticated levels as her teleportation. Her skills in this area (beyond her native self-concealment) are mostly stolen from her unseelie "patron".

Finally, Breeny has had the chance to observe divine entities and their pocket realities up close on a number of occasions, and has stolen a few good tricks here too, relating to the control of local conditions. She hopes to eventually expand this knowledge until she can combine it with her skill in Correspondence and encyst herself in a little bubble of reality of her very own. For now it's mostly just Temperature Control and Control: Gravity.