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You died, almost certainly violently: a hanging, a gunshot, an accident of some kind. Happens all the time in the Weird West. What doesn't happen all the time is that the dead get back up. You did, though - as near as you can tell, a demon (you've heard they're called 'Manitou') crawled into your head and brought you back. That demon is occasionally useful; it keeps an eye out and warns you of danger, and there's no denying that an undead body is strong, fast, and supernaturally tough - it's almost impossible to put down for good. It comes with some nifty powers, too. Overall, it beats quietly rotting away in a grave somewhere.

Unfortunately, the demon in your head makes unlife a constant struggle. It's smart, and strong-willed. Worse, it's mean, choosing its times carefully and using the opportunities it's given to spread fear and cause havoc.

Harrowed Template

Attributes: +2 ST [20]; +2 DX [40]; +2 HT [20]
Secondary Characteristics: +5 HP [10]; +2 Per [10]
Advantages: Danger Sense [15]; Doesn't Breathe [20]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving) [25]; Less Sleep 5 [10]; Unfazeable [15]; Unkillable 1 (Achilles' Heel: Decapitation, Brain Damage) [25] • Choose 50 points in Harrowed Abilities (below).
Perks: Brotherhood (Mindless Undead) [1]; Can Burn HP for Extra Effort [1]
Disadvantages: Restricted Diet (Raw Meat)* [-10]; Secret (Harrowed) [-10]; Split Personality** (12) [-15]; Supernatural Feature (Death Wound***; No Body Heat (can gain warmth temporarily); No Pulse; Pallor (can gain the flush of life temporarily)) [-16]; Unnatural Feature 1 (Whiff of the Grave) [-1] • Choose -50 points in additional Mental Disadvantages.
Features: Doesn't have or use FP [0]; Sterile [0]

The Manitou (Split Personality) is evil, cunning, and smart. It has the following mental disadvantages: Callous [-5]; Sadism (12) [-15]; Obsession: Spread Terror (12) [-10]; and -20 additional points in 'evil' mental disadvantages such as Bad Temper, Bully, Jealousy, etc. The "additional Mental Disadvantages" the Harrowed character has tend to represent the influence of the possessing spirit: Nightmares, Phantom Voices, and Flashbacks are common, as are 'overcompensating' disadvantages such as Charitable or Guilt Complex.

*The Harrowed don't starve (they're Unliving and don't have FP) but cannot make natural healing rolls unless they eat three meals of raw meat daily. Very rare steak does qualify.
**Instead of a Self-Control roll, this is a Contest of Will against the Manitou, which is Will-12 by default. The -50 points in additional Mental Disadvantages can include increasing the Manitou's Will: At a self-control of 9, the Manitou has Will-15; with Self-Control 6, the Manitou's Will is 17.
***Death Wound: The injury that caused your death never heals; while it doesn't impair your ability to function, it's a clear indication that Something Isn't Right. Most Harrowed take pains to hide this wound from casual view, whether that means wearing a shirt to hide a bullet wound or a bandanna to hide the scarring from a hanging.

Harrowed Powers

Cat's Eyes: The Harrowed can see in the dark as if it were well-lit, though without color vision. Their eyes glow a supernatural green while this power is active. [24]
Dark Vision (Nuisance Effect: ability makes you obvious, -5%) [24]
Talons: With a Ready action, massive talons spring from the Harrowed's hands and feet, wrecking any gloves or footwear and allowing them to deal cutting or impaling damage with unarmed attacks. [9], or [13] for massive bony blades that spring from the Harrowed's forearms and deal +1/die damage.
Claws (Talons) (Switchable, +10%) [9] or Claws (Long Talons) (Switchable, +10%) [13]
Ghost: You can step out of your body, which remains behind while your projected ghostly form moves around. The projected form is visible (as a translucent, slightly luminescent doppelganger of your conscious self), but intangible: you pass through solid objects as if they weren't there and move noiselessly (+5 to stealth vs. hearing), though you are still subject to gravity and cannot fly or move straight upward. You cannot pick up or manipulate normal objects, though with a little effort your ghostly form can cause the sensation of a faint touch. Physical and energy attacks cannot harm you, though some hexes - notably Soul Blast - and other magical powers can, and your projected form is solid to other ghosts. You cannot carry anything while insubstantial; your projected form looks like your unconscious body (including clothes), but worn armor provides no DR and items your physical body is carrying can't be used by your projection. There are rumors that some Harrowed instead become completely insubstantial instead of projecting a ghost, and that they can interact with the material world, but they remain just that: rumors. [36]
Insubstantiality (No Vertical Move, -10%; Projection, -50%; Touch, +5%) [36]
Stitchin': You heal much faster than most folks, and even most Harrowed. So long as you eat three meals of raw meat daily, you regain one hit point every 12 hours with no roll; at Stichin' 2 this increases to 1 hit point per hour, and at Stichin' 3 (the highest level), this increases to 1 hit point per minute. In addition, with any level of Stitchin' you are at +5 to any natural healing rolls and to any rolls to recover from crippling injury; if a body part is severed, you can reattach it by holding it in place for a minute or so. [20, 35, or 60]
Regeneration (Slow, Regular, or Fast) [10, 25, or 50] + Rapid Healing [5] and Regrowth (Reattachment Only, -50%) [5]
Spider Climb: The Harrowed can cling to walls and ceilings, and can stop at any point and stick to the surface without fear of falling. You can even walk "upright" along a vertical surface, leaving your arms free, though you must have at least one hand or foot in contact with the surface to remain in place. You can also use this ability to slow or stop a fall; if there is a vertical surface in reach (GM's call) then you can make an ST roll at -1 per 5 yards already fallen to catch yourself and prevent falling damage. [23]
Clinging (Attraction, Limited, +15%) [23]