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All characters should start with the 100-point Resistance Fighter template, then choose from one of the specialties below:

Sharpshooter [50 points]

A high-powered rifle, a concealed high perch, and good camouflage netting. What more do you need?

Attributes: DX +1 [20].
Advantages: Acute Vision 2 [4]; Night Vision 2 [2]
Skills: Armoury (Small Arms) (IQ/A) [2]; Camouflage (IQ/E) [2]; Climbing (DX/A) [2]; Guns (Rifle) (DX/E) [11]; Observation (Per/A) [2]; Stealth (DX/A) [3]
Perks: Choose 2 of Bend the Bullet (Rifle) [1]; Cinematic Knockback (Rifle) [1]; Cool Under Fire [1]; Gun Shtick (Next Time, It's Your Head or Stone-Cold Killer) [1]; Gun Whisperer (Rifle) [1]; Just Winged Him (Rifle) [1]; or Lightning Fingers (Rifle) [1].

Demolition Man [50 points]

While you're the one the group turns to when they need something carefully demolished, you also prefer to bring the fight to Advent with heavy weapons and high explosives.

Advantages: Enhanced Dodge 3 (Dive for Cover) [15]; Hand Cannon 5 [5].
Skills: Armoury (Heavy Weapons) (IQ/A) [2]; Artillery (Guided Missile) (IQ/A) [1]; Explosives (Demolition) (IQ/A) [4]; Explosives (EOD) (IQ/A) [2]; Gunner (Machine Gun) (DX/E) [4]; Guns (LMG) (DX/E) [4]; Guns (Grenade Launcher) (DX/E) [2]; Guns (LAW) (DX/E) [2]; Throwing (DX/A) [4].
Perks: Army of One [1] and Walking Armory [1]; choose 3 of Cinematic Knockback [1]; Cookie Cutter [1]; Dramatic Death [1]; Gun Shtick (Wall o'Lead) [1]; Hand Cannon 6-8 [1/level]; Motorized Training 1-2 [1/level]; Muzzle Flamethrower [1]; No Friendly Fire [1]; Quick Reload (Belt, Breechloader, or Magazine) [1]; Tap-Rack-Bang [1]; where specialization by skill is required, choose one of Guns (LMG), Guns (Grenade Launcher), or Gunner (Machine Gun).

Gatecrasher [50 points]

Shotgun. Boot. Attitude. The Gatecrasher's job is to get in fast and put lots of shotgun slugs into the nearest available threat.

Secondary Characteristics: Basic Move +1 [5]
Advantages: Extra Attack 1 (Multi-Strike, +20%; Single Skill - Guns (Shotgun), -20%) [25]
Skills: Acrobatics (DX/H) [4]; Fast-Draw (Long Arm) (DX/E) [1]; Forced Entry (DX/E) [4]; Guns (Shotgun) (DX/E) [8]; Jumping (DX/E) [1]
Perks: Choose 2 of Akimbo (Shotgun) [1]; Cinematic Knockback (Shotgun) [1]; Cool Under Fire [1]; Fireball Shot [1]; Muzzle Flamethrower (Shotgun) [1]; One-Armed Bandit (Shotgun) [1]; Scattergun [1]; or Sure-Footed (Slippery or Uneven) [1]

Ranger [50 points]

Some of Advent's troops practically ignore bullets; fortunately, the Resistance has its Rangers, fighters trained to close the distance and take it to the enemy in hand-to-hand.

Attributes: ST +1 [10]
Advantages: Striking ST +2 [10]; Enhanced Parry (Broadsword) 1 [5]
Skills: Acrobatics (DX/H) [4]; Fast-Draw (Sword) (DX/E) [1]; Broadsword (DX/A) [8]; Guns (SMG) [1]; Jumping (DX/E) [1]
Techniques: Charge (Broadsword)† @ Skill+0 [8]
Perks: Off-Hand Weapon Training (SMG) [1]; Unique Technique (Charge (Broadsword)) [1]
Charge: This Hard technique defaults to weapon skill-7 and allows the character to make a Move And Attack using a melee skill with none of the usual drawbacks: the character ignores the skill cap of 9 and may retreat or parry with the weapon used to attack.