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New Prices

Personal Appearance
Level Cost
Horrific -18
Monstrous -15
Hideous -12
Ugly -6
Unattractive -3
Normal 0
Attractive 3
Handsome/Beautiful 6
Very Handsome/Beautiful 12
Transcendent 15

All Reaction and skill bonuses and penalties only apply when all of the following are true:

  • The NPC can see you, or otherwise has a very clear idea of what you look like (has seen you before, or has a good picture of you, generally)
  • The NPC must be reasonably attracted to your species (usually the case for same or closely related species - for Borderlands, assume species within the same group get the bonus unless the NPC is quirky). This doesn't necessarily mean that all (or any) humans are romantically interested in dwarves or vice versa - but they can appreciate each others looks or lack thereof.
  • The NPC must be attracted to your gender to be affected by the higher of the two bonuses - this restriction only applies for Handsome/Beautiful or higher levels.
  • The NPC is not Unfazeable (Unfazeable characters are always immune to personal appearance bonus/penalties).

The price for Universal is increased to +35% - Universal appearance does not remove the requirement to make visual contact and does not make Unfazeable characters affected by your Appearance, but it does transcend normal boundaries of species and gender. The change in price makes Universal personal appearance cost the same as the "Rules as Written" Appearance advantage.<br/> All other existing Enhancements, Limitations, and 0% "switches" work as written.

Racial Appearance Based bonuses/penalties
To Do
  • I am considering yanking Appearance from all templates and replacing with Social Regard and Stigma.
  • Where a Stigma already exists, either increase severity or just increase point cost of template.
  • Once done, recalculate racial reaction modifiers and create a new list of "races wot are too horrible to go to down".

Why the Changes

Appearance in a humans-only game works well. In a game with mixed species, the problem of aplicablility of appearance between species (and if it isn't, why it doesn't cost less) is a hairball. Racial appearance modifiers make it more ambiguous - do Orks find each other ugly? Are elves more awesome to other elves?

The icing on the situation is is Universal appearance, which costs as much as an equivalent amount of Charisma, but only works when you're visible, and doesn't come with the same skill bonuses.