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Any template that offers purchase of extra Fatigue Points and has supernatural powers can also buy Energy Reserve (with the appropriate Source - so ER (Magic) for Wizards, ER (Chi) for Martial Artists). Slow Recharge and Special Recharge are both available. Don't forget to sum up the cost of all your levels before rounding fractional points!

Characters may buy the ER with Gadget limitations to represent a magic staff, talisman, prayer headband, whatever. Note that if you take Breakable, NPCs will spot you using it and may try to break it in combat. If you take Can Be Stolen, similar problems will arise. Gadget ER must take Slow Recharge or Special Recharge, and does not qualify for Triggered Recharge.

You may not use "Energy Gerrymandering" spells to transfer from FP to your own ER, or from your own personal ER to gadget-based ER. Two spellcasters can fix each other up if they both use the same source.

New enhancement: Triggered recharge

One action, substance, or circumstance quickly recharges this energy reserve. The enhancement value depends on how fast you can invoke this triggered recharge, and how easy and convenient it is to fulfill the conditions: +300% if the whole energy reserve recharges when the condition is met, +150% if you might be able to trigger it multiple times a second, +60% if you're limited to 1 point per second, +30% if you're limited to 1 point per minute, and +10% if you're limited to 1 point per 10 minutes. Multiply the enhancement value by 2 if the trigger is very common, by 1.5 if the trigger is common, by 1 if the trigger is occasional, and by 0.5 if it's rare (use the same categories as Trigger). If the trigger is not consumed, double the enhancement value.

Refill rate Value
Maximum 1 point per 10 minutes +10%
1 point per minute +30%
1 point per second +60%
More than 1 per second, less than half total reserve +150%
Total Refill per second +300%
Trigger availability Modifier
Very common ×2
Common ×1.5
Occasional ×1
Rare ×0.5
Not Consumed ×2


  • A priest of love who can recharge one ER per kiss, only one kiss per person per day counts.
Assume he takes 1 minute per kiss (no having a line of people and shotgun-kissing them, only kisses "with feeling" count). The trigger condition is Very Common, but since you're limited to 1 point per day per person kissed, it counts as consumable, for a total of +60%. Coupled with No Regeneration (see below), if this is the only way to recharge then this nets him a total modifier of -10%.
  • A priest that must pray in a very high sanctity temple of his deity.
He gets 1 point per minute of prayer, and the trigger is rare, but not consumed. He pays +30% for this extra recharge.
  • A mage who has the ability to fully refill his ER by drinking a pint of dragonblood. This is a special trick this mage has learned, not a universal quality of dragonblood.
Since dragons are unlikely to become blood donors for greedy mages, this is a rare condition, consumable, and fully refills the ER, and thus costs +150%
  • A warrior empowered by dark gods, who recovers 1 ER for every blow that draws blood from a sentient with a soul ("a person" for most intents and purposes). He must do at least 1 hp of injury from cutting, impaling, or piercing and can recover 1 ER per second this way. This is the only way this warrior can charge his ER.
Doing at least 1 HP of damage to someone (in this case it includes yourself) is very easy to arrange, and therefore the trigger condition is Very Common. The trigger (the HPs) are consumed. Therefore this is a +60% * 2 = +120% enhancement and would be taken with No Regeneration, for a net +50% enhancement.
If instead the warrior can recover 1 ER with every blow, even multiple times in one turn (with Rapid Strike or Extra Attack), this would be +150% * 2 = +300% enhancement, paired with No Regeneration for +230%. A reserve that you can refill as fast as you spend it is a pretty sweet reserve.
  • An evil cultist who works to advance a soul-eating monstrosity from beyond time and space can place their evil sign on people. If someone dies while bearing the evil sign, the cultist regains 1 ER, wherever in the world he is. The evil sign can be removed, and wears off over time if not regularly maintained. (The evil sign is an Affliction from the same power as the ER.)
The cultist has the potential to gain more than one ER in one second (base +150%) but this can be extremely difficult to arrange - the target might escape the evil sign before dying or may fight off any attackers before the sign wears off (a net Rare condition). The trigger is definitely consumed in the process. The net value of this enhancement is +75%. If the cultist has No Regeneration, this is a net +5% enhancement.

Modified Limitation: Special Recharge

  • Special Recharge, -70% is renamed "No Regeneration".
  • Remove Special Recharge, -80% and add "Leaky Reserve", below.

New Limitation: Leaky Reserve

Your reserve has a leak in it. Unless you meet a specified condition, your reserve immediately starts losing stored ER at a rate determined by your level in this limitation. Leaky Reserve requires No Regeneration.

Leak rate Value
1/10 min -10%
1/min -20%
1/sec -30%
all/sec* -50%
  • Only available if you have ER 10 or higher.

This value is adjusted by how unusual the condition you have to meet is:

Rarity Adjustment
Rare x2
Occasional x1
Common x0.5
Very Common x0.25

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