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Some mental skills have required (or optional) specializations that are very campaign-world dependent. Here's a quick rundown on how they fit into Borderlands.


For many skills, e.g. Diagnosis, First Aid, Psychology, and Sex Appeal

Some Required Specialties
  • Anthropoi
    Includes Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, and all Goblin-kin. Winged and Sea elves are at -1 for Familiarity.
  • Gigantas
    Gargoyles, Kabeiroi, Ogres, Trolls of all types, and full fledged Giants. Gargoyles are at -1 for Familiarity.
  • Pnevmatodi
    Faerie Folk, Half Spirits and Dark Ones. Dark Ones are at -1 for familiarity.
  • Ktinoi
    Cat-folk, Coleopterans, Kentauroi, Minotaurs, Reptilians, Wildmen. Coleopterans are at -2 for familiarity (they're weird).
Optional subspecialties

Any specific race. Elves and Goblin-kin must be specialized in a specific template (e.g. High Elves, Hobgoblins)


For Hidden Lore, Psychology, and Physiology.

Some Required Specialties
  • Daímones
    Demons, vehicles of divine vengeance and punishment, natural people and transformed by curses.
  • Stoicheiá
    Elementals and creatures empowered by elemental forces.
  • Neráides
    Fae creatures, including sundry nature "spirits".
  • Oinopnevmatódi
    Spirits (Divine or Titanic), and the small gods of places and regions. Includes worshiped heroes with shrines.
  • Gérontasónton
    Elder Things of all description (or indescription). A new option for Scholars and Wizards (lucky you).
  • Fantásmata
    Undead, both physical and spectral.
Some Optional Specialties

Any specific creature.


There's only one, so you can just write "Naturalist" if you like.

  • Kosmos
    The world.


All the Basic Set specialties are available, but the aquatic ones are not likely to come up unless something really unexpected happens. Arctic is also a bit of a long-shot but more plausible. Add a new specialty to the list:

  • Subterranean

This is something like "Survival (Radioactive Wasteland)" might be in a post-apocalyptic setting.