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Current Running Games

D&D 4e: Gods of Akhelaten II - Sequel to the Gods of Akhelaten, this time following mortal heroes as they face the Transcendant's third and final war.

D&D 4e: The Scales of War - Running through the Scales of War Adventure Path.

D&D 4e: Revenge of the Giants - Face to Face D&D 4e games, using the Revenge of the Giants mini-Campaign module from WotC.

In Planning

GURPS DF: Borderlands - Mid to high level fantasy action adventure romp.

Random Notes

GURPS World of Warcraft - Random notes on racial templates, etc.

Defunct Games

Pyramid of Doom (GURPS)

Deadlands: Rocky Mountain Horror Show (GURPS)

Dungeon Fantasy: Idylls of the Rat King - GURPS Dungeon Fantasy over OpenRPG

Gods of Akhelaten (GURPS)

Who Burns Brightest (GURPS)

Yrth (GURPS)

Generic Fantasy Game - AKA Francois' Supers Game (GURPS)

Dungeon Fantasy: Archbridge Adventures - GURPS Dungeon Fantasy over OpenRPG. Borrowing some of the cast from Idylls of the Rat King.

GURPS Supers: City of Heroes - GURPS Supers using the City of Heroes setting and Paragon City.