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You may be looking for Deadlands\New Advantages
You may also be looking for Borderlands\Houserules Traits, Templates, and Skills


Random new advantages and stuff.

Injury Tolerance: Unbreakable Skin

30 points[1]
Your skin, or some other covering, is soft and flexible but impenetrable. All Cutting, Piercing, and Impaling attacks are treated as Crushing for all purposes (including which locations can be targeted.)
You do not Bleed, but are still vulnerable to blood born pathogens and blood chokes, etc. You are also immune to complete Dismemberment or decapitation, but crippling injury effects you normally. Permanent crippling injuries that might otherwise be dismembered are treated as "normal" permanent crippling injuries.
Note that this does not include the benefits of No Brain or No Vitals, but many people will buy those as well.

Upgrading to the full No Blood costs only 3 points for you, not 5, as you already enjoy some of the benefits.



Chameleon now gives a penalty to Vision rolls to see the character rather than a bonus to Stealth. The character is harder to see even if they're not actively sneaky.

Commentary: another level of the Stealth skill costs 4 points (not 5), gives bonuses to avoid being seen (Chameleon), heard (Silence), and is relevant even if you're wearing clothing and moving. It does not make sense to take Active Chameleon if it only gives bonuses to Stealth.

New Modifier: Shadowmeld, -20%
Your bonus to Chameleon is limited to the lighting penalty; if you have Chameleon 9 but the local light level is only -3, Chameleon can only grant you an extra -3. Similar versions exist that cap Chameleon to the penalties from specific kinds of Concealment (Greenward for leaves and undergrowth, Dustwalker for atmospheric particles).
This is a variation on Environmental.


Silence now gives a penalty to Hearing rolls to hear the character rather than a bonus to Stealth. The character is harder to hear even if they're not actively sneaky. The character may still speak at a normal volume if they choose, but they can speak quietly (using Silence) effortlessly; they do not sound like they're whispering or muffled.

Commentary: See Chameleon, above.