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You died, almost certainly violently: a hanging, a gunshot, an accident of some kind. Happens all the time in the Weird West. What doesn't happen all the time is that the dead get back up. You did, though - as near as you can tell, a demon (you've heard they're called 'Manitou') crawled into your head and brought you back. That demon is occasionally useful; it keeps an eye out and warns you of danger, and there's no denying that an undead body is strong, fast, and supernaturally tough - it's almost impossible to put down for good. It comes with some nifty powers, too. Overall, it beats quietly rotting away in a grave somewhere.

Unfortunately, the demon in your head makes unlife a constant struggle. It's smart, and strong-willed. Worse, it's mean, choosing its times carefully and using the opportunities it's given to spread fear and cause havoc.

Attributes: +2 ST [20]; +2 DX [40]; +2 HT [20]
Secondary Characteristics: +5 HP [10]; +2 Per [10]
Advantages: Danger Sense [15]; Doesn't Breathe [20]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving) [25]; Less Sleep 5 [10]; Unfazeable [15]; Unkillable 1 (Achilles' Heel: Decapitation, Brain Damage) [25] • Choose 50 points in Harrowed Abilities (below).
Perks: Brotherhood (Mindless Undead) [1]; Can Burn HP for Extra Effort [1]
Disadvantages: Restricted Diet (Raw Meat)* [-10]; Secret (Harrowed) [-10]; Split Personality** (12) [-15]; Supernatural Feature (Death Wound***; No Body Heat (can gain warmth temporarily); No Pulse; Pallor (can gain the flush of life temporarily)) [-16]; Unnatural Feature 1 (Whiff of the Grave) [-1] • Choose -50 points in additional Mental Disadvantages.
Features: Doesn't have or use FP [0]; Sterile [0]

*The Harrowed don't starve (they're Unliving and don't have FP) but cannot make natural healing rolls unless they eat three meals of raw meat daily. Very rare steak does qualify.
**Instead of a Self-Control roll, this is a Contest of Will against the Manitou, which is Will-12 by default. The -50 points in additional Mental Disadvantages can include increasing the Manitou's Will: At a self-control of 9, the Manitou has Will-15; with Self-Control 6, the Manitou's Will is 17.
***Death Wound: The injury that caused your death never heals; while it doesn't impair your ability to function, it's a clear indication that Something Isn't Right. Most Harrowed take pains to hide this wound from casual view, whether that means wearing a shirt to hide a bullet wound or a bandanna to hide the scarring from a hanging.